Poligrip Cushion & Comfort, Denture and Partials Adhesive Cream, 2.2 oz

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Active Ingredients- Cellulose gum, mineral oil, petrolatum, polyacrylic acid, silica, beeswax, flavor. Directions- Applying: 1. Clean and dry your dentures. 2. Apply product as shown in the diagram, not too close to the denture edges: A) Upper denture: Apply in a long continuous strip. Apply 2 shorter strips in the middle of the denture. B) Lower denture: Apply product in long continuous strip. C) Partial denture: Apply 2 short strips. 3. Rinse mouth before inserting dentures. 4. Press dentures into place, hold firmly, and bite down for a few seconds to secure hold. Removing: 1. Swish mouth with water. 2. Slowly remove denture using a rocking motion. 3. Remove adhesive residue from denture and mouth with warm water and a soft brush. 4. Use Polident Denture Cleanser to thoroughly clean your denture and then rinse with water. Helpful Hints: For the first time, use a small amount. Use more if needed. Too much adhesive can cause oozing: apply less next time if this occurs. It may take a few tries to find the right amount for your denture. Apply once a day for secure hold. To keep tip from clogging, keep cap and nozzle dry. KEEP CARTON FOR COMPLETE DIRECTIONS AND WARNINGS. Warnings- Keep out of sight and reach of children. A few individuals may be sensitive or allergic to this product. If you experience an allergic reaction or discomfort, discontinue use immediately. If you need to apply more than once a day, seek advice from your dental care professional. Ill-fitting dentures may impair your health. Visit your dentist regularly to check your denture fit.

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