Super Poligrip Comfort Seal Denture and Partials Adhesive Strips, 40 ct

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Active Ingredients- PEG-90M, microcrystalline wax, polybutene, cellulose gum Directions- To apply: 1. Clean and dry your denture. 2. With dry hands, peel open and remove strips. 3. Lightly moisten one strip at a time with water. 4. Place strips as shown, not too close to denture edges. Do not overlap strips. (Tear strips if needed.) 5. Rinse mouth with water before inserting denture. 6. Press denture in place, hold firmly and bite down. Helpful Hint: Another way to apply is to place dry strips on a wet denture. To remove dentures and adhesive: 1. swish your mouth with warm water and take denture out slowly by using a rocking motion. 2. wipe adhesive residue from gums and denture with a soft, moist cloth. 3. brush denture with a soft brush under running water and soak in Polident® Denture Cleanser. Warnings- Ill-fitting dentures can damage your health. Visit your dentist regularly to ensure proper fitting dentures. Do not use if you have sensitivity to or reaction from any of the strip ingredients. CAUTION: Keep out of reach of children.

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